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friday cat vocabulary lessons

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Human phrases my cat knows (along with her interpretation of what I mean by them)

no (continue your current activity)
NO (pause for one second, then resume your current activity)
NO! NO!!! (hide under the couch for one hour)
up up up! (either wake up and get off my back or you’re getting rolled over on)
come here (feeding or petting is imminent, approach me at full speed)
it’s okay (the vacuum cleaner/thunderstorm/garbage truck is not an immediate danger to you)
hey! (I’m whining because I brought fingernails to a claw fight)
good girl (I’m under the pathetic misconception that if I praise you for scratching the scratching pad, you’ll stop using my overpriced down jacket as your preferred claw sharpener)


Written by geek

05/12/2009 at 4:59 am

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