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it’s hard being filthy rich

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Just ask the New York Times:

Rich people are cutting back on their spending. A few poor rich people even had to buy cars the same colour as their old ones so their employees wouldn’t notice.

Rich people, being naturally ruthless, are forced to default on their mortgages more often than other people.

Rich people could never live on $500,000 a year when they have to pay $45,000 a year just for someone to take care of their children full time.

For rich people, manicures aren’t a luxury. They are “basic cleanliness“.

Rich people have a difficult time raising children: “Particularly for children of upper-middle-class and affluent families, there’s no perspective on value. When the new Range Rover pulls into the driveway, there’s no concept of how many hours of hard work went into owning that vehicle.”

Rich people worry about humiliating their unemployed children by giving them too much money.

Rich people in the top one ten-thousandth of households now have to make due with $6,000,000 or $8,000,000 a year instead of $11,000,000.

But somehow, with all of their problems, rich people still sleep better.


Written by geek

17/07/2010 at 5:51 pm

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