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Is China’s growth due to adoption of capitalism?

Over at Slate, Christopher Beam lists the numerous ways in which China is still a highly centrally-planned state, and then claims that, “The irony is that the Communist leadership structure is geared toward capitalist ends. For example, regional leaders are evaluated every year based on economic growth in their domains”.

Matthew Yglesias claims that:

the approach of today’s CCP is arguably right in line with Lenin’s New Economic Policy or the ideas of Nikolai Bukharin and Mikhail Gorbachev all of whom certainly thought they were Communists. Indeed, if you ask me the status quo in China is pretty similar to the agenda outlined in the Communist Manifesto. Similarly, when Bean says “irony is that the Communist leadership structure is geared toward capitalist ends” he turns out to mean that it’s geared toward economic growth. Growth is something that the post-1960s far left is typically skeptical of, but Karl Marx and all the leaders of the USSR espoused the view that policy should be geared toward maximizing growth.

My knee-jerk assumption was always that China’s recent growth is due to adoption of Western-style capitalism. Then again since nothing left of Western-style capitalism is allowed into the realm of discourse in the West….


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30/07/2010 at 12:53 am

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