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More of the insanity that is the writings of Tom Friedman:

More than ever, America today reminds me of a working couple where the husband has just lost his job, they have two kids in junior high school, a mortgage and they’re maxed out on their credit cards. On top of it all, they recently agreed to take in their troubled cousin, Kabul, who just can’t get his act together and keeps bouncing from relative to relative. Meanwhile, their Indian nanny, who traded room and board for baby-sitting, just got accepted to M.I.T. on a full scholarship and will be leaving them in a few months. What to do?

So what do you think his answer is, in this hallucinatory allegory of the American economy, to his question of “What to do?”.

Go ahead, guess. What do you think his recommendation is?

Answer: violin lessons for the boys.

Written by geek

08/12/2010 at 10:03 pm

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