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new world record

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The progressive explanation for the slowest economic recovery in nearly 70 years is that expansions after financial crises are always like this. There appears to be no statute of limitations on this excuse, which is especially convenient every four years. But those who want more than a political rationalization might look to the all-time presidential record of costly regulation set by the Obama Administration.

That’s the news from a report to be released soon showing that President Obama’s regulators have completed their 600th major rule. A major rule imposes costs of more than $100 million. For those keeping score, that’s an average of 81 big ones a year, or roughly one every three days the government is open. Who says our bureaucracies are inefficient?


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Super bad phone number entry forms

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today’s google searches

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the referees a dupe


where did caucasian people come from

bacon cheeseburger offend religion

why is there no hair on the back of my leg

hairless calves

hairless calves diabetes

what does jesus say about gambling

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tree with glowing roots

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show me the money

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tokyo is big

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quiz of the day

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The phrase “Hold That Tiger” refers to:

1) The chorus of a jazz standard recorded by the Original Dixieland Jass Band
2) A retired Thoroughbred racehorse
3) An episode of “Hogan’s Heroes”
4) All of the above


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